Store planning & Store fitting
Creating a successful store is an Art!

The construction process starts with the site inspection, the analysis of the logistical and temporal aspects, the development of staging Gantt diagrams, as well as the designation of the Project Manager and the Building Site Manager.
The execution ranges from demolition to building works, from the manufacturing of the shop fit to the installation of the plants (mechanical, electrical and special), constantly monitoring the budget and the progress of the project.
Prior to the handover of the finished space, we carry out the requested tests, the quality control, the conformity checks and the delivering of the certifications.
The activities we carry out are:
▪ Scouting of materials and technology
▪ Production of furnishing modules
▪ Design and certification of illumination systems bearing low energy impact
▪ Construction work and demolitions
▪ Systems installation

General Contracting
Our design and construction projects are based on a single contract that covers all planning services and building performances.

Executive activities, furniture production and space fitting are entrusted to a network of dependable subcontractors, with whom we have developed a long term partnership.
We oversee all phases and coordinate all partners, to ensure all tasks are performed according to our high quality standards, and in line with the budget and deadlines agreed with the client.